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my hopes for modding it will mainly be:
no super hard Coding to do if just adding train/train cars/busses/trunks/trams  and later planes/ships (since i kinda already made afew trains/train cars models not so much made for this game but i can easy make them low poly if needed to)


but also possible to do mods like: gameplay modes,add you own train track,make controlable trains/busses/trunks so you can self drive them and so on

instead of only add Trains/busses/trunks since that open up for alot of things you can do with this game and the game will be fun to play even longer time mainly cuz of mods

and the other hope i have is
you will not needing to go search on google/youtube in hours to find 1 mod you know exists&is released

but got 1 place to browser&search for the mods

ofc ppl feel free to upload anywhere they want but if they got 1 place to upload stuff it becoming much more easyer to find the mods


thats mainly my biggest hopes for mobbing on this game

the better mod support the longer time the game can survive like minecraft,openTTD,locomotive and so on

so i hope there will good mod support so you can do almost any kinda of mod to you game you can think of


but lets see so far the game even without mods seems really good but still games like this one is kinda the genre of games that is built for to be modded