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For me competition is the most important thing and that need a MP mode of some kind or at last A.I but A.I are also boring after figure out how to exploit them+ real humans are social. The open ttd was awesome for its MP mode where you can meet all kind of cool people and learn from their technique.

In a multiplayer mode or also A.I mode you can’t build a city to city track, press 8 time speed and come back latter to have x money and not worry about having any good locations near main cities taken or good factories taken so it is critical to the ‘’feel’’ of the difficulty level for example.

I know it is hard for the developer making a good MP mode option but I hope they think of it as a main goal after the release and I want to thank the developers for making such a awesome game that I hope is the game I have been waiting for all this years to replace ttd to a higher graphic and realistic feeling.

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