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@Tom No Problem! 😀

I did more research on the 9400 GT turns out it’s weaker than I originally thought. Here’s a link to the game’s performance (synthetic test) if you were to try and run the game at 1920×1080 resolution:

So even if the gpu COULD run TF, it wouldn’t be near powerful enough to run it over 30 fps on more than minimum settings especially in late game maps where there are far more buildings, vehicles, people, etc to render.

Assuming your computer IS a desktop, I’d recommend upgrading your gpu to something more modern like a Geforce 610 or Radeon HD 6450 for about $45 USD if you want a cheap card that can handle the game at at least 30 fps. Personally I’d recommend you getting a Radeon R7 250 or Geforce 650 for $80-$100 USD to really enjoy the game at mid to high settings and increase your ram to 4GB (I recommend 8gb if you have Windows 64-bit and your computer supports it.)

Don’t worry about your CPU though it’s old but it should handle the game just fine. I hope this helps.