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Yes, costs are really out of whack. I had a line I struggled for years to make profitable and couldn’t. I had a train running coal to a mill. The place was producing for 2 towns so it needed a lot. Not a very long trip, but I took 32 each trip and brought back 12 goods on each trip.

Hard difficulty.

No matter what I did, I lost 250-300k/year.

Then the train aged out, I tried to replace with electric but it didn’t help, it was more expensive. Finally I sold it, replaced it with 3-4 high speed trucks and it’s making hundreds of thousands. It seems like there is little reason to use trains in Train Fever at all. that one early train that costs 750,000 per year to run is just ridiculous.

I might try this out with some custom tweaks and see. Will it affect existing games?