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The trick to making money in vanilla on freigth trains is making them long enough, because the further away the stations the moure douh it makes. My coal runs were trains full of 60-70 coal and they make you 2 mil per year. So you find yourself in the absurd situation of choosing a mine on the otherside of the map instead of right next to the factory.

That’s not a trick. That’s just poor design rearing its ugly head again. but I’m not sure how you made 2 million off something like that…were you playing on hard? I had no problem on easy making money on trains, it’s hard that it’s an issue. sure i’d double income by taking 60 coal over 32 coal, but having to go much further would double running costs at least and eat that up even further. Heck, doubling the income wouldn’t barely have made¬† me break even on that run.