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It isn’t acceptable.

I’ve been attempting some of the “Hard” achievements: After about 40 new starts I noticed that train fares are so poor that only bright, brand new trains break-even or return a small profit at best, and only for about 5 years, and unlike Railway history.

I watched in one attempt, my single train taking her first 20 passengers, at journey end 13 remained. That one journey crippled the entire game and wasted an hour of my life.

This company needs to balance passenger demand along with train/bus/tram capacity against supply as the world grows, along with fares on the hard level. Their failure to do so on all levels gives me no confidence in the developers, who on ‘hard level’ seem to have decided fares on the back of a beer mat in the local Pub, but then forgot to check if it worked on Monday.

I noticed this was a crowd-funded product, if this is the average level of professionalism this company works at, then I firstly hope to God they never go to work in the UK, and secondly think twice about crowd-funding a bunch of amateurs.