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Another problem with (tram) routes that i have: ( havent tested with busses, and only with the small on street stations)

if i put up my incity lines with high tram density, it happens that the lines at certain stations do a loop by using parallel streets.

i then have to remove a few stations,  reasign them, then the loop is gone. BUT then the loop may happen somewhere else on the track… so i have to check the same track over and over!

additionally it happens that a tram that should run station a-b-c, turns after station b for 180 degrees, runs in the station b, then turns again after station b for 180 degrees to run then to station c.

same game as with loops, remove the station, re-add it, problem solved.

both of this issues can happen on the same route, moving forth and back while i fix one end..

adding a new track or changing an existing one does mess up other existing tracks again.. so i spend hours trying to straight out my lines..


its pure pain.

please add a button to hardnail lines on the roads as they are now, for ever!