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The RedKing

The performance issue regarding changing the infrastructure seems to have been addressed. It’s not perfect yet, but much, much better. So I’d like to thank the dev-team for this.

Regarding the issue thief mentioned, I experience this as well. I noticed that (only?) trams sometimes make a loop at a stop for no apparent reason. A stop is located on both sides of the road, and they are grouped. But still the tram seems to prefer the stop on the left-side of the road.

I sometimes just remove the left-side stops to prevent this. But this is not always desirable if you have a 2nd line running the other way passing the same stop.

The turning trams may cause gridlocks and drop the freq. of the line dramatically.

Adding the possibility to “pin the route” would indeed be nice but perhaps this is solved by the way-point system.

I do not think this will solve the turning of the trams, as the shown route does not indicate any turning, but seems to run smoothly from A to B to C. Still the tram loops at B. I suspect an issue with the grouping of the stops. Or perhaps we don’t understand this concept well enough?