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currently Urban-Games using a “Game-Patch-Gun” in rapid fire mode đŸ˜‰


Build 4166
Here are the release notes for build 4166:

  • Fixed traffic jams in large towns
  • Fixed a town developer crash
  • Town growth is now dependent on cargo supply
  • Added a bunch of achievements (more to come)
  • Added sound volume settings
  • Improved track builder snapping
  • Improved look of popup windows
  • Improved look of some buildings
  • Added a new car and adapted sizes of existing cars
  • Delete key now closes popups as well
  • Removed debug console
  • Less fog
  • Finances can also be opened by clicking on balance

[b]There will be more updates later today and tomorrow.[/b]


Patch 31.08.2014

Build 4136
Update: Earlier today this announcement was named build 4134. Since we had to do an immediate patch for build 4134, we are now on build 4136.

Build 4136 is live now. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused due to the delayed released of this version.

Here are the release notes:

– Better camera navigation performance (fluent now except at first view)
– Better rendering performance (HDR much faster now)
– Less simulation freezes and more fluent game-play (however still not optimal for huge scenes)
– Added list of stations (GUI button bottom left)
– Added a new EMU train (2014) and a new truck (1896)
– Show error message box if OpenGL context creation fails
– Old and modern train station have the same size now and can be “upgraded” therefore
– Separate HUD icons for one-way-signals and freight stations
– Added vehicle icons in road vehicle and tram depot
– Added various vehicle description texts
– Added cargo supply info in building window
– Added how-to-increase-production hint in industry window details tab
– Improved leisure parks / buildings
– Slower industry downgrade
– Fixed a pathfinding bug which prevented people and cargo from using your lines (occurred when a station was built at the end of a street, without a street crossing close to it)
– Fixed lanes on freight train station
– Fixed a bug in the town window (cargo needs display was not correct!)
– Fixed a bug which caused persons to leave a vehicles at wrong line stops (after changing a line)
– Fixed a crash which occurred when loading certain save games
– Fixed two track builder crashes
– Fixed a pathfinding crash which occurred at random times
– Fixed a pathfinding crash which occurred after changing lines
– Fixed a town growth crash which occurred at random times

There will be more updates until release. Most important, there will be a next major update on Tuesday, 16:00 CET.

Unfortunately the return-to-main-menu crash is (accidentally) not yet fixed with this release.

Save games are compatible with this version.

Thanks for your participation!


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