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What’s the point of the game then?

I mean, it’s about trying to make your lines as efficient as possible. What fun would it be if agents would wait for hours (real time) to get from point A to B?

It’s not like it is impossible to let a line have only 20 minutes of waiting time, in fact, it’s really easy. Most of the time 1 vehicle is already faster than 20 minutes and just adding another vehicle could do the trick.

You wouldn’t wait 4 hours to get to another city by train either, would you? And 4 hours would probably be a couple of years in-game time…

Its not about wait time as it is about travel time.

When I go to wait for a train I choose when I go to wait for the train and how long I have to wait, if someone else wants to wait longer thats their choice.

But what is realistic about having a time limit for how long good or passengers should be in transit?

You dont see people or goods disappearing from the trains after a fixed amount of time in real life regardless of where the train is, so how can it be realistic to have that happen in a game that is supposed to simulate the real thing?

When I travel by train to somewhere, the time it takes to get there depends on the distance I have to travel, I dont get off the train in the middle of nowhere just because I have not reached my destination within some arbitrary time limit.