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The physical is not for germany-only btw. You simply get a steam key, so you will even have the English game version. The only difference is the physical soundtrack and the poster (and the box, duh:P).

Aside from the devs being Swiss, so Switzerland can be assumed to be included, as long as the german amazon ships to your country, there shouldn’t be any problem.I ordered it myself as a non-german and they ship it anyway (I am from The Netherlands).

Maybe for the americans it is obviously a different story (although as a European I can order from Amazon US, so I don’t see why americans would be forbidden from the other way around).
Lots of Europeans are probably here, and I guess amazon DE will ship to most countries in Europe, albeit with a slight charge for shipping (will depend on the country probably).

(‘Non-america’ does not necessarily mean german-only… remember that. it’s not the 1990’s anymore…)

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