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Just happened again. Infuriating, and not in a good way.

In pause, I edited some track. The line that was affected did not even use that bit of track. Several cities away, a cargo train got confused by the edit on a piece of track it will never travel on and decided to turn around and try and drive the wrong way and subsequently stalled “waiting for free path”.

243 production fell to 25 in a matter of minutes (game days). To add insult to injury, the resource buildings are all being downgraded, and there’s sweet f*** all I can do about it other than wait 208 game months (over 17 game years) for it to crawl its way back to previous production level.

How pissed off would you be? If someone asked whether the game was worth buying, what would you tell them?

Also, as the production ability at the time of those screen shots is still 100 (already had 2 downgrades), why doesn’t it just spring back to 100? Why does it insist on +1 per game month, when it is capable immediately of outputting 100 per month (+75)?

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