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I’ve currently got 4 trains on the line but as they are delivering to several cities the route is quite long – if I set them to “Load if available” then most of the time there would be no train visiting the station, which in turn breaks the ‘pull request’ chain and leads to death spiral. This particular line is different from most of my others in that it is in a very mountainous region, as such it’s one of the very rare occasions that I have cargo and passenger trains sharing parts of the same rail network. If I added more cargo trains it would just lead to traffic jams = death spirals. I could try replacing the trains with lots of 2 carriage trains, but by that point I might as well just switch to using road vehicles.

Regardless, in this instance it’s clearly the core game mechanic that’s broken – and specifically a mechanic that should be trivial to fix. There are so few resource/production buildings in the game that even if the rates of increase/decrease are hard-coded in to each of them, it would still be trivial to refactor and alter this particular game mechanic (like a couple of days to code and test, speaking as an ex-coder).

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