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Thanks, Kiwi, really love your ATT and sofar it’s working great. Fantastic job you are doing there !

One more question if i may and it’s possible you might find it quite silly but i’ll go ahead and ask it anyway.  😉

People can do without cars, furniture, household stuff if push comes to shove but what they can’t do without is food, right ? I do deliver cars, furniture and household stuff alright and that is more or less quite appreciated but what i don’t deliver is food…

My question is will this have any effect on city growth in ATT ?…

Why i don’t deliver food ? It’s because i am a vegetarian and even if it’s only virtual i just can’t get myself to load up these poor virtual cows and take them to the virtual slaughter house. Because meat is the only food to deliver atm will my cities in ATT never come to fruition ?  (pun intended 🙂

I hope not because i will then have to go back to default TF. Wouldn’t it be possible to add more diversity to the food department by introducing fruits and vegetables ?

In short, will cities still grow normally *without* delivering food ?

Thanks for reading and i hope you don’t find it too silly…  😉