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It’s really hard to tell without looking at the setup. A couple of screenshots would be helpfull depicting things like the whole route. The details of the factories, trains and lines. The reasons I can think of are:

  1. wrong industry types connected
  2. stations not connected to roads near industries
  3. no demand. industry must be able to deliver products to some town in order to request resourcers necessary for production
  4. wrong type of stations build tho it seem you built the right one from your description
  5. travel time of goods is too long. It includes cargo walking from the producing industry to station then waiting at station then boarding train and traveling by it then walking to the receiving industry
  6. some other reason I didn’t think of

PS. if any dev is reading it I would like to know when the version for Win XP 64bit will be relesed 😛 I want to play your awesome game. Yes I truly think the game is awesome from the videos I watched even though it isn’t as polished as people want it to be.