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So are you surprised that they didn’t answer this? I’m not. I believe they wanted the money and figured it was close enough to warrant a release. I certainly don’t agree and feel like I’m paying $35.00 to beta test a game that’s not ready for primetime. Way too many problems and piss poor performance when my machine is higher than the minimum system requirements. So far, I feel like I was ripped off. I don’t see how others are enjoying it. They must have some powerful computers because I’m also reading how terrible this game is even on a gamer PC. I’m still waiting to see these manuals that were suppose to be released after the release of the game. It’s been over a month now since the game was released. But they didn’t say when after the release will they release the manuals. It looks like it’ll be a while. How long Devs? A year, maybe 2 before we get the manuals you all said we’d get after the game’s release? I don’t care if you only have a 3 man team, don’t say you’re going to release something and not do it. Not good for you’re credibility.

Very disappointed but am hoping you all make good on fixing this game because it has major potential, it just needs a lot more work before it plays properly. Oh, and your forum software sucks too.

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