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I stopped reading after the  “250MB Savegames” complaint. Really? You can have a 1Tb disk (which is 4000 save games) for 50 euros and THAT’s your number one complaint? It’s an inconvenience at most.

Look, I’m sorry this isn’t the swipe 3 times, buy 20 gold pieces for $1.69 and win the game in 20 seconds deal. Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges, but the 3D looks great and runs very smooth (at least on my machine). I also think it’s a bit unfair to compare it to a 2D isometric game that has been in development for over 20 years (well, a little bit less than that because don’t get me started about TT before it became Deluxe).

I do agree that it’s a project run by (only 3!) engineers and not by “unproductive”/non technical staff. If you want to see what happens in the latter case, go play SimCity.