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Yes i experienced bad performance.I tested on two different systems:

Home PC: Win7 64bit Ultimate, 16GB ram,Intel Core I5-750 at 3Ghz,Sapphire R9 280x 3GB,SSD,HDD
Work PC: Win7 64bit Prof, 8 GB ram,Intel Core i5-4570,Gigabyte Gtx650 2GB, HDD

I know, my home pc’s CPU is very old (5 years).I experience lag and slower performance later in the game with many train/bus lines.All settings are on medium/low
On the nvidia system it runs somewhat smoother (i guess thanks to the 4th gen.Intel I5) but still has lags and bad performance mostly when i zoom in and follow a train and rotating meanwhile.Settings are set to medium/high.

They should do something about the game engine itself.