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[quote=Stonelouse]i think planes would be very much over the top, i mean even the large the map is only 16x16km in size… it would be nice however to have an airport as a passenger destination, which should be upgraded over time like the industries, from a small rural airfield to a nice large one with two runways and a big terminal if you provide ernough passengers with your railroad.

a large harbour that provides import and export of goods would also be fantastic for your freight trains to go to.[/quote]

This is a very great idea – have an “international” air/seaport for goods/passengers brought up “off map” and then use trains/buses/trucks to transport through the map, i.e. DMUs from city to airport.

But why stop there, Mansen’s post has some other nice ideas to expand that thought. For example, you have a small town up in the hills. Building a railway would be a bit tiresome because of the elevation and all, too many tunnels, tracks too steep, etc. Why not have a short airfield there, which could take a Cessna Caravan or even Dash 8. Shuttle passengers/goods from big international airport to a distant hill town. And of course don’t forget about the river transport.