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1) Yet in Beta, there seem to be the singals, who build blocks, dunno how they’re called right now, the only ones, a classic variant from the steam era and a modern one with 2 aspects.

2) I think both, they’ll deliver such basic things like multiplayer, if they add multiplayer, for free and things like new trains, maps etc. as payable DLC.

3) It really is only a maybe, nothing definite planned.

4) 1 Ingame Day = 3 Reallife-Seconds (On normal gamespeed |> so, one Ingame year = 18 Minutes 15 Seconds RL-Time)

5) Dunno, I’m not a beta tester, trust stonelouse’s answer

6) Dunno, but I guess yes, since the devs create the game as modfriendly as possible, there are alrdy mods now in Closed Beta.