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– Multiple trains using same route without getting stucked —> absolutely possible if you place tracks and signals correctly.

– Set different platforms on a station for passenger / goods trains —> passenger and goods trains will not use the same station. there are different stations for passenger and goods trains (they can drive through both kinds though.)

– Add / remove wagons automaticly on station —> not possible.

– Going from point A to point B twice —> trains can go back and fourth between any number of stations any number of times.

– Set waiting period …. wait until 100% full .. or wait until 80% full … or wait 2min then go… ect.. —> i’m not sure of how many options there are, but i guess not that many of them.

– Set priority to some trains .. for example a train waits to get fully loaded on some station .. but if some other train with priority comes along .. that waiting train should leave. —>that would not make much sense, because it would just be a compensation for bad planning.