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Different stations for passengers? …. this is kind of dumb … I understand if you need to bild different platform on same station … but to build entire station only for goods? … can you at least stack stations together?

About ” Going from point A to point B twice” .. i was in a hurry and forgot to finish my entire question

I ment if it’s possible to set a rout from A to B twice and then go to C and then again 2x A to B … basicaly if it’s posible to use a train which has a route to occasionally do something else.

About “Add / remove wagons automaticly on station”  … if this is not posssible is a big drawback compared to OpenTTD, because I got a lot of lines transporting one goods to one direction, then change wagons and transport something else back. This is a feature which should be implemented. Also I had a lot of trains  going for example A – B – C – D => main route with oil was from A to D .. and between B and C I added some other wagons…. also i transported somethig else from D to A…


I understand that game is still in beta, but I’m affraid that will be only eye candy without deep gameplay… If won’t surpass gameplay of OpenTTD .. then… well .. it sucks 🙂