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However, the waiting caused by long queues at the stops is not included and probably neither are the delays caused by car traffic.

They definitely don’t consider the traffic, that’s for sure.

The problem is, when competing with cars you have to have an extremely frequent service, with shorter travel times from station to destination and vice versa.. a circular bus line with 20 stops takes far too long for Mr&Mrs X to reach the station when they get on at the first stop, if its constantly trying to pick up more passengers, even when the bus is full.  It might make money, but it doesn’t help feed the train station (in my experience anyway).  I find that more, shorter and more direct lines with less stops work best.

Or… bulldoze the roads between cities and play it like ye-older games where cars where not a factor.
Most of the time I try and fight it, but sometimes I don’t and the bulldozer gets to work, it depends on how I want to play… oh and I am weak!