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I agree.  There is something to what gGeorg is saying.  I have often found myself thinking I want to upgrade this or that in Train Fever and then decide not to because it would be too frustrating and not a fun challenging thing to do.  It often becomes monotonous and repetitive.

I just actually went back to playing Locomotion after a long long time to try to get a sense of why that game was always fun to play.  I think I like it because the industries and transportation needs grow and change and they respond to what you do much better.  In Train Fever the industrial growth is just too slow and non-responsive.  It’s also too repetitive.  There needs to be more industries and more complicated supply chains.  No matter where you go on the map, it’s the same few industries or commodities.

I do like Train Fever and have played it a lot, but would love to see the gameplay become a lot more fun.