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I’d definitely be willing to pay for a search on a DLC or expansion themed around roads and road networks.

Why would you even hint to pay for a DLC when the game doesn’t play good enough to warrant the price originally paid? I paid $35.00 for this game and feel it wasn’t worth it. There is NO way I would pay for a DLC for a game that doesn’t play well enough in the first place. That would be totally bogus if we have to pay for a DLC to make the game play better. Please think about what you’re saying here. You actually want to give them MORE money for a game that isn’t worth the initial investment.

I, for one, will NOT be spending any more money on this game. I feel ripped off as it is and you’re telling them to create a DLC to make it work better? Think again, please, unless you like wasting your own money because I don’t like wasting my hard earned money.

BTW, I payed about the same for Railworks when it came out and it played fine when released. Nothing like this game and they’ve upgraded it many times since I bought it and didn’t charge me for any upgrades. But you’re telling these people to charge us for an upgrade. Screw you!!! The game is not worth it.