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I started a new game yesterday in 1900 without mods to test the performance, I have just hit 1970.
The performance has improved massively in numerous areas such as:

  • Lines menu no longer drops 1/2 the fps
  • Following a vehicle no longer drops 20fps
  • Rotating the camera is much smoother
  • Zooming in and out is much smoother
  • Viewing the horizon has less of an impact.

The game still drops to between 15 – 25 in various areas / views but the above changes have made a massive difference for me making it much more playable.. its not perfect but It used to become unplayable by 1950 on a small map for me, its not hit this stage yet on a medium map..

  • When the vehicle needs replacing notice comes up, due to the PIP it lags
  • When buying 8 new trucks, it lags (again due to PIP I’m guessing) But I pause at this point anyway.

*reason for new game was that some of the mods I used where causing a crash after the patch.. so couldn’t test existing saves 🙁