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Waaah, just heard about the last patch and now am hurrying to bring up my most important points, though I know that I may be too late to have them severely considered for inclusion into the patch … but hope dies last 😀

Most important wished improvements that may be easily implemented:

  1. Dialog to quit game opens in the upper left corner, while the menu that calls this dialog opens in the upper right corner of the game. I play TF with three monitors, spanned across all of them, so this always is a little bit annoying… 😉
  2. The same as 1. applies to some dialogs in game, though this is different from 1. as they are not fixed placed. E. g. the vehicle selection dialog, called from the depot, sometimes opens far away from the latter. So again, my mouse may have to travel across all three monitors.
  3. Sticky windows would be very very handy!
  4. Load option for line stops to wait for at least x% of the loadable goods to avoid having empty city delivery trucks cycle on the line, while the distribution train has a significant longer frequency
  5. In addition to 4.: Let the vehicle wait while there is cargo coming from another station that is grouped with the current station (if vehicle is not full, of course)
  6. More controls on a vehicle, e. g. skip next station (for me the vehicles seem to always choose the worst station to begin their line, though I always try to put the depot near to the stop, a vehicle should start)

Of course there are many more possibilities for enhancements – many of them mentioned within this thread as well – but apart from the would-be-goods and would-be-awesomes and should-be-theres, I reduced my list on improvements that may be done relatively quick (in increasing order) with a massive positive impact as a return.

I know I am late. But I would love to see some of them implemented in the last patch! 🙂

Keep up the good work!