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Hello all, this is my first time posting here!

Let’s see, I own TF since the game came out and sadly I have it actually unistalled, it does bother me that some of the “small details” are not included on this good looking game, in fact, I’m missing some things that other games like “Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion” allow me to do and this game doesn’t.

For instance, animated signals, TF doesn’t have animated signals at all, at the signal itself has only 2 aspects, also junctions, not animated, the impossibility of the train choosing a free track at a station (probably the most annoying one), let’s say that I have a station with 3 platforms, and 2 of them are occupied, if the platform doesn’t belong to the train’s route, train won’t enter the station… Train should enter the platform with no trains and the continue it’s route…

Also, a thing that I do really miss… Overhead wires on tram tracks… It makes it soooo unrealistic…

Btw, could you actually use waypoints?

It’s been a long time now without playing TF, so I don’t know if something from above has been corrected… Like the autosave thing.

From Spain. 🙂

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