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Here a few things that came to my attention after playing dozens of hours. I did not read everything so I hope I don’t repeat too much.

Glitches / Fixes :
– Laying roads over tracks “collision” (many situations where it is just not happening)
– Upgrading crossroads (why is that not possible ?)
– When upgrading/ demolishing roads/tracks agents disappear
– Loco/wagons disappearing if the train is longer than the station => make the train stop at the end of the station pier
– Fix traffic AI : collision between vehicles ; give priority to bus/trams ; optimize lane usage ; bus lane for buses only !
– Bus able to pass another bus (if it doesn’t need to stop there let the bus use the 2nd lane and continue)

Improvements / features :
– Ability to make groups in the line window (i.e. organize lines per city)
– Sync trains departure on the same line (I think this has been called train spacing)
– Ability to replace vehicle immediately (instead of 25% age because sending train to depot disrupts too much)
– Vehicle replacement window too small making it hard to count wagons.
– Line window show vehicle count beyond 5 – or make window expandable.
– Year +2000 : more choices of vehicles (like a new bus with capacity 25-30)

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  • This reply was modified 6 years, 11 months ago by PickPay.