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After several hours / days on TF, here’s my few suggestions.

Feel free to pick them apart!

Cargo, Industries, and Cities:

  • Add more industries. Go all out openttd! farms, coal power stations, factories, etc. Coal power stations could start popping up at around 1900 until 2000. 
  • Make cities require way more goods. Currently, I have 1 lumber mill supplying goods to 5 towns. That’s all I need, cos all 5 towns combined only need 200 goods per year, and my lumber mill makes 200… Towns should demand whatever there population is, but in goods per year (population is 400, goods demanded should be 400 too. That way it would be too hard to supply everyone from 1 industry.
  • Roads in towns… These annoy me. Lol Would it be possible to force towns to expand their roads using ONLY the size road it will be expanding from? So if the town grows, it’ll stop building tiny roads off of the large ones!
  • Loading/unloading options, we already have full load any and all, but can we get a ‘don’t drive off empty’ , or ‘leave if another vehicle arrives’ option. Would be handy on trucks, when using full load is too slow, but the default means wasted empty trucks driving about.

Trains and Stations

  • Ability to clone a train, that’s not already in the depot. (Openttd style)
  • Add extra platforms to stations, much like in trains and trucks tycoon.
  • By default, build signals one way, or have option to pick yourself.


  • Confirm dialogue on deletion of line or sale of all vehicles on a line. These can be hit by accident especially during the end of month pause, or end of year save.
  • Notice about vehicles being stuck/blocked. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, all of your trains will attempt to park at the same terminal station, on the same line, and then just sit there.
  • Bug: some windows open entirely off screen.
  • Bug: in lines window, selecting show trucks only, still shows trains.
  • Bug? New vehicles assigned to a line, seem to start at the last stop on the list, instead of the first.
  • Bug: some road upgrades will give you the ‘not enough space’ error, even when out in the open, on a straight peice of road.

That’s all I can think of right now.

Alot of the other stuff has been said already.

Keep up the awesome work!