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Tweak tram vs train income/expenses

This actually quite realistic. Trams are cheaper in terms of both infrastructure and vehicles so it is not surprising that they are more profitable. For a journey of max. ~30 km quite frankly I’m not surprised. The problem is rather that the game is not to scale and obviously it cannot be…

Same goes for trucks – it is not a surprise that they are cheaper. There is a reason why the vast majority of cargo is transported by truck in Europe.

Heavy rail is favored by long distances and in TF long distances we don’t have…

Totaly agree with you, this is absolutely realistic. You cannot have profitable real train line connecting two villages nearby with distance around 10km and real population below 10 000. Trains are for long distances, so either a line should go through multiple cities or the passanger traffic should be big. So there is no problem with revenue/expenses balance here. There is a problem with city sizes and growth rate though, so it boils down to the following suggestion mentioned in the head:

  • Faster city growth
    Surrounding towns should eventually merge together to form a metropolis.
  • Map Generation – Population centre’s should be split into “Cities”, “Towns”, and “Villages”. A small map should consist of about 1 city, 3 towns, and 5-8 villages, with larger maps multiples there of. Each should act like they would in real life, eg villages are 95% houses, while cities have much larger retail areas. Raw resources should spawn in or near a village, while manufactories spawn in or near towns, just as you would expect in real life.