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I have a few more ideas!

Keep up devs. Lol



  • Either add pre-signals, like in openTTD, so trains can select a better route. But, I do understand that selecting an empty platform is not what is supposed to happen, I hate it when trains change platforms in real life!
  • Or, have the ability to set up multiple routes for a given line, if one is blocked. Maybe when adding a waypoints to a line, you can add a option to link 2 waypoint together, and give it the option to find faster route. (Example being, train 1 is approaching station A, but isn’t stopping, and going to station B, but station As platform is blocked. When it hits the waypoint which is before station A, it’ll switch tracks to a clear platform, and continue, but only if it can still reach the waypoint at the other side. So it doesn’t go off down a track its not supposed to.
  • Give stations the ability to snap to the end of the current track. This would be handy until a decent option is available to upgrade stations. So if I had a 2 track 320m station, but I decided I needed 4 tracks, I can pause the game, delete the station, and instantly drop in a new one, and it’ll fit itself between the old tracks. (Assuming no collisions with roads or other tracks occur)
  • Despite what everyone is saying, I managed to get a cargo train to be too long for a 320m station! So can we have even longer stations please? (And yes, it was full! 28 cars of coal!)

Other stuff

  • Said alot, but larger maps!
  • More map options, such has more detailed choice or terrain, like from very flat, to mountainous.
  • Not just rivers, but canyons, and plateaus!
  • More choice on industry and cities being placed. Sometimes there’s just too many, too close together, or nothing for miles.
  • 20 minute rule removed for cargo, except for cargo that ‘walks’ (it’ll only walk if its close)
  • Add farms and food requirements to cities (and water?)
  • Ability to upgrade tracks either by line, or anything connected to this point you click (so if all track is inter connected, it’ll do your whole network!), including signals and crossings.
  • Ability to pause your line or something while you upgrade a train or station, so those industries don’t stop production.

That’s it again!