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Hi people,

I dived into Trainfever for the first time since release and i like it a lot. Here are my suggestions:

– Right click delete. Placing signals and misplacing them it would be nice to delete a signal with the right mouse button. Once deleted, you can progress placing signals with left button without going to the menu, click bulldozer, remove signal, select signals again etc. Same for track building.

– Vehicle names: I create my first busline in London. I call that line: “London busline 1”. Then i create a vehicle that i connect to that busline. It would be nice if the bus copies the name i gave to the line instead of the default name: “Vehicle 1”.

– Signals: i would like to select either a one way signal or two way signal from the building menu

– An option to resize windows.

– Renaming lines and vehicles: first i have to delete the default text with backspace. An option to overwrite the default name would be nice.

– In game terrain editor expanded (like Roller Coaster Tycoon 3)

So far my list. When there is more i will edit this post.

Grtz. Bee



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