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Hi. I am still playing my  ‘very big city’ ( )  and would like to provide some feedback. I know the game isn’t really designed to be played like this, but some of the things that happen may be interesting because they do often overlap regular game play.  Most of my ‘problems’ are probably caused by modding the engines, but can probably be solved nevertheless.

-Pedestrians stop moving on zebra crossings. I can think of all kinds of things to solve this, like forced moves after a timeout. Or giving the player the option to give them a push.  I am trying to reproduce this so I can provide a screenshot.

By the way almost all train related are easily reproducible on circular railroads, using modded high speed/power trains.

-Very powerful trains accelerate fast  and then start to decelerate, I assume to keep their distance from the train in front of them, dropping to very low speeds, only to accelerate fully again, instead of keeping a nominal speed. Adding more signals doesn’t really solve this.

-When skipping several stations before arriving at the next destination, at the second-to-last station trains slow down for no apparent reason, accelerate again after passing it and then make a normal arrival at the destination station.

-Signals sometimes remain red, and sometimes turn green after the section behind it is clear. Because of the circular nature of the railroad and the constant flow of trains traveling past the signals I would expect to see a constant pattern, maybe I am overlooking it.

-On circular bus lines (not sure about trains) passengers leave the bus when passing station number 1, only to board the same bus again to carry on, but sometimes missing it and having to wait for the next one.

-Not sure how the cargo distribution system works, but it seems to be a bit of a first come first served system. Because I use all factories within reach of the city, it would be nice if the cargo was evenly distributed. It is hard to tell exactly which cargo goes where, except by following it as it goes, but then when it’s on a truck or train you kind of lose it because of interchanging. There is plenty of cargo available but still the expansion of industries stagnates, even when the population keeps growing.

-It would be nice to be able to tell which industries lack cargo delivery.

-When stopping vehicles to clear a road for reconstruction, after removing a road, sometimes the stopped vehicle moves and becomes impossible to select, or even find. The only way to find it again is by sending the entire line to the depot and waiting for the one that remains outside.

-It would be nice to be able to tell which vehicles are ‘stopped’.

-Sometimes invisible fragments of rail stay behind after removing rails. They can only be found by trying to narrow down their position by building track over them and look for a collision, and are then still a lot of work to delete because of their invisibility.

-Building a tunnel under a factory can make the cargo spawn inside the tunnel. This would be perfect if underground truck stations were possible, of course

-Stations should really have exits on both sides, for being usable as a circular line.

-Under the charts tab, there is only one chart. Not a big deal, except for the fact that after over >2000 years it becomes fairly useless.

-It would be nice to have some way of finding places where new buildings have appeared, for a certain period.

-Locating people by their number would make it possible to enjoy looking at people who have nice routes. Maybe bookmarking them would be an option.

-Sticky windows would be nice. Especially the ‘manage lines’ being able to be kept open would be convenient.

– I started the city by making the basic layout and then let the game just run unattended for a couple of days to see what would happen. The city had expanded well, but so had memory usage. Saving the game and then loading it again resulted in about 3-4gb less memory being used.

– I am amazed how stable the game is, running a city with so many circular lines, with hundreds of buses/trucks running at very short intervals. Only when major deadlocks occur does the game ever stop working.

– Game performance drastically reduces when the manage lines windows is open and the lines are being shown as an overlay.

That’s all for now,


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