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“For some reason the blue train just absolutely refuses to pick track B”

It looks like the line picks a fixed route that includes the track it wants to use in a multi-track station, rather than treating the station as a special case where it could pick from the accessible platforms. If you open the routes dialogue and look at the track highlighting through a multi-track station you’ll notice that the line goes through one of the tracks only. I haven’t been able to get a train to use another free platform at the station no matter what I do.

This is a huge issue when you have more than one line sharing the station, because they will both pick the shortest path through and will invariably want to share the same platform. The only way I’ve found around this is to create multiple stations and explicitly have one line assigned to one specific station.

I haven’t tested whether this is the case for multi-lane passing points. If it is then they won’t work either.

It looks like this is a basic pathfinding problem due to the the route for the line being fixed at route level. Trains don’t seem to be able to deviate from this route in the way that you’d expect them to around stations.

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