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Hey Banshee! Nice to see you here, saw you on Steam as well.

Maybe I wasn’t really clear in my examples, I get the impression you’re thinking of a different (but comparable) scenario. You are aware that I’m trying to make the system completely one-way, right? I’m observing the same behavior as Morat (double signals on entrance and exit yield the same results for the blue train). It’s not a precision or placement problem

Solution is separating the lines. This works.

I had originally thought to keep to the steam forums, but then I wanted to explain my solution here as well.

I’m not quite sure I understand what you are thinking of when you say one way.

Only way I can think of would be if you have a circuit of stations the trains go through and you want them to go one way around the circuit, in which case I dont understand why you need multiple tracks.

Do you have an image or diagram to explain this better?