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Andu: Yes, there is a problem, imagine this track:

(ORE MINE station) ———- (Two platform station near STEEL WORKS) ———– (COAL MINE station)

I have Line 1 – from ore mine to the steel mill, Line 2 – from coal mine to the steel mill. Train1 from Line 1 arrived at platform A to the Steel Works station, Train2 arrived to the station from the other side, but didn’t go to free platform B, but was waiting until train1 was unloaded.

Now imagine, that I want to send there train3 for goods to deliver them to the nearby city. Train3 is waiting (until full) on platform A and trains 1 and 2 refuse to go to free platform B and are waiting from both sides of the station and blocking Train3… Why they don’t go to platform B? Mystery.