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Thanks for your input,  Haven’t decided on either yet,   I’m updating my Windowz box so I’ll hold off modding till thats done.

I was hopping one or the other would help block out old mods that don’t work,  I made the mistake of installing too many at one time time then going back looking for the one mod that was crashing the game.

A few other mods loaded ok,  but every time I tried to load a save game I had to uninstall and reinstall the mod so I would be nice to see a mod manager giving out a warning if a problem in the .mdl or .lue file

It would be nice to see one or the other mod manager expanded to allow the user to edit some aspects of mods, as an example the “yearFrom” and “yearTo” values in the .mdl file or the cost.  But not that important as I still have the ability to edit them manually, it’s the old programer in me that wants to see more features 😉