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The idea of TFMM development was to build an extremely lightweight but stable tool for importing mods and most importantly easily uninstalling them again from the internal game folder (res).
With the implementation of internal modding support, mods no longer have to be placed in the “res/” folder. This makes installing and uninstalling mods by hand much more easier, and mod managers are Autorallye not required anymore to be on the “safe” side.
However, they still can make handling mods easier for the player, as they give a nice overview, batch processing capabilities and more information about the mod than the internal mod manager of Train Fever.
Additionally, both managers can access the online mod database on
TFGM also focuses on many other aspects besides mods, while TFMM focuses on managing mods (as well as DLCs and Maps with the upcoming update).
TFMM should have no problems with another mod manager being used simultaneously, as it just reads in alls mods that are installed in “mods/” folder of Train Fever. Especially, TFMM will never “tie” you to it 🙂 I don’t know about TFGM as I do not use it in production.
In the end, the decision of course has to be made by yourself, based on your needs.

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