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Where do I begin?

1) I never said I played Transport Tycoon.

2) The video title clearly states “First Impressions” and I stated in the video that I had just received the press code that day.  As such, the purpose of the video was not to educate but to simply show off some footage of the game while I was learning the ropes.  Some people don’t mind watching “First Impressions” videos…Total Biscuit made a successful channel just by doing that.  Fans of the game also, I assumed, would appreciate seeing how the game looked before buying it.

3) I never “blamed” the game for anything…I simply wished it had a tutorial to help newcomers get acclimated as to how the game is played.  Considering that most simulators nowadays have a functioning tutorial or at least, campaign missions of escalating difficulty, I don’t consider my request to be that far-fetched.

I’m sorry that you didn’t like the videos, but perhaps if you took the time to understand my intentions, you wouldn’t judge them so harshly.  With that said, I’ve received some tips and feedback from some others and plan to try them out to see if I can improve my game.  Having only played the game for ten hours and without any tutorial, I think I’m doing fairly well.

For those of you who ARE grateful for the coverage I offered, I included links to the three videos I’ve published below.  Yes, I admit I am not THE best Train Fever player, but hopefully it’ll give you some idea as to what you’re getting into should you pick it up for yourself: