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Hello there, i don’t know about lowering the gamespeed and adjusting the income in the same way (50% lower timespeed and 50% lower income). The thing is, when you lower income your progress will be slower, especially at early years, when you start to build out your network. And later in the game money should’nt be problem, when you finished building a solid network. When you lower the gamespeed and lower income equaly, your progress will not change from the current game with that speed.

I’m totaly fine with the idea of the time pasing slower, but we can just cut time and income by the same amount, or els your progress ingame would be the same as it is now. In that case the game would be realy boring.

My idea would be. Lower the time passing by 50%, and let the income as it is now or lower it a bit. Increase the possibility to waste money on new stuff. Stuff like, neutral buildings which increase city crow and increase demand, so you need more vehicles so you can spend more money. Also add more industiral chain’s but not, or rare industry wich we have to move from one side of the map to the other side.  They could also add more vehicle to the game or mabye add some desasters like, traincrashes or so which have an impack in the traffic flow and the passangers useing the crash trainline less not so often anymore.

The thing is, we want the time to be way slower than it is right now. But I do not want to spend 1h more of waiting till i get my next Station/Train/Linesetup or even new vehicle because i can’t effort it, or the time is so much slower.

But the most interesting things I’ve come up with, are simulation changing and could take a while until they are in the game. The easiest way to balance is, to add more contant where you can spend you money with. But it should affect your game experience and the game.

I kinda understand the idea behind the current timespeed.

So, that are my thoughts on it.

I love the idea, but it is not as simple as it sounds like.


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