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It is indeed difficult to build tracks, in my current game I spent all money and the 10m loan to build one rather short line because it was difficult terrain and I wasted a lot of time and money by trying things I had to delete. Few decades later I replaced it with trucks as it was just a goods line supplying a city and there was no way to make it profitable at all. Slopes, collisions, terrain collisions are a nightmare.

I don’t know how beta was but I’m sure it was much worse, currently I find it very playable. There’s hundreds of posts, everyone wants someting while the devs probably only want to get a good nights sleep. 🙂 there’s not even one week since release and then linux and mac version come out tomorrow if all goes well. Maybe I’m just a realist but I suppose it will be a few weeks to sort out the more annoying bugs and then hopefully they will implement some improvements as well and however much we’d want it to happen overnight it will be some time to do it.

I have been waiting since the project was started on gambitious maybe 1.5 year or so ago. Perhaps another 1.5 years of development would have made it better by release but unfinished, I wouldn’t call it that…

Technically Openttd is much more mature (ok, that’s years and years of development), but it has 0 detail, and by detail level in TF I’m not talking of gfx but for example the people driven economy system (reminds me a bit of railroad tycoon 3), realism of cities (sims living their lives and this drives demand for transportation), pedestrians and traffic jams in cities etc. which I find quite cool. (remember I have been playing openttd for months so maybe I’m starved for these things 🙂 )