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Version 1.1

* Temporarily removed the repair option.
It was only checking the legacy format. Needs to be rewritten.
* Added a tag preview in tag manager.
* Added a colour editor to the tag manager.
Now you can set your own colors on the tags.
* Create and Add new tags directly from the Mod’s information panel.
* Auto naming when exporting tags by languages.
Edit manually to break auto naming and clear the name to enable it again.
* Added auto named tag file exported (selected languages).
* Added more links under the help menu.
* Added progress bar when scanning for modules.
* Added confirmation dialog after tag export.
* Added an auto clear option to the log window (auto clears when TF starts)
* Added Select all to log window.
* Added Find dialog to log window.
* More intelligent mod import from non standard formats.
* Better Lua error messages.

* Fixed a bug where search with empty strings always returned match.
* Fixed a bug where tags sometimes where exported under the wrong file name.
* Fixed the group on status view mode.
* Fixed a bug where all flags (mod’s info page) was shown if a mod didn’t have any strings defined at all.
* Fixed a potential crash when TFGM closed after TF had been closed manually.

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