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​Release – 1312

  • Added a timeline view in the vehicle browser.
    – Mouse wheel, scroll up/down in list.
    – SHIFT + Mouse Wheel, scroll horizontal along time axel.
    – CTRL + Mouse Wheel, zoom in/out time
    For now, the item at the top is always scrolled into view when scrolling up/down.
    The vehicle type is looked up in the tag manager to get the color.
  • Added some more vehicle info in the Vehicle manager.
  • Added a progress indication when loading vehicles into the vehicle manager.
  • Added default images for each vehicle type (when an image is missing).
  • Added a new standard tag: Car
  • Fix. On close, progress window showed old information from previous usage.
  • Fix. Added some missing hint messages.
  • Fix, A missing UTF8 conversion when scanning vehicles.