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Release – 1330

!!! NOTE !!!
Due to a bug in the TFGMLoader.exe and in TFGM download procedure, the auto update might not work for you.
If so, manually update TFGM and then you should be alright again.

* Added “open download folder” button.
* Added a sortable “Registered date” column to mod List view.
* Added a download manager to queue download requests.
* Added Download abort button.
* Added Load message in Catalog mod view.
* Added Estimated download speed to mod catalog.
* Added Estimated download time to mod catalog.
* Added download percentage to mod catalog.
* Added collapsable groups.
* Added Unknown vehicle image in Vehicle manager.
* Added command switch -WaitOnExit to TFGMLoader.
* Added command switch -NoStart to TFGMLoader.
* Added command switch -KeepArchive to TFGMLoader.
* Added vehicle version to the vehicle detail view.
* Added vehicle calculated lifespan for 25%,100%,125%,150% and 200%
* Added timeline hottrack button
* Downloaded mods are batch installed first when the download queue is empty to prevent pop-up spam.
* Group Headers are Right justified to easily spot them.

* Fix. Mod catalog status not synchronized with Mod list view.
* Fix. Timeline colors not synchronized with tag color edits.
* Fix. File not found not handled on mod download.
* Fix. A minor memory leak in the load progress animation.
* Fix. Internal TFGM updater didn’t download the update.
* Fix. TFGM was closed even if the Updater failed to start.
* Fix. Unknown waggons got the Car picture instead of the Waggon in Vehicle Manager.
* Fix. Log file being overwritten when updating Preferences.
* Fix. Log file being overwritten while updating TFGM.
* Fix. TFGMLoader sometimes crash when updating TFGM.
* Fix. Vehicle details not cleared on unselected vehicle.
* Fix. Cargo image alpha masks not correctly displayed.
* Fix. Timeline images not showing full Image.
* Fix. Timeline text color always drawn with a good contrast.

Please add comments and vote for new features on Trello.

Localized tags can be downloaded from

If you have translated something, please share it with me 🙂