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Release – 1334 TFGM
Release – 1334 Loader

I have been away for some work and couldn’t spend as much time I usually to do with TFGM.
Here is a small update, mainly fixing the TFGMLoader crash when installing updates.

!!! NOTE !!!
Once again, due to a bug in the TFGMLoader.exe the auto update might not work for you.
If so, manually update TFGM and then you should be alright again.

* Search in Vehicle manager now also includes the mod’s file name.
* Log system improved with more messages.

* Added estimated vehicle length in vehicle manager.
* Added filter button to only show the highest version of each vehicle in vehicle manager.
* Added preparations for upcoming update.
– Added new switch to TFGMLoader -Test

* Fix. Vehicle view didn’t scroll on keyboard up/down arrows.
* Fix. TFGMLoader crash on install.

Please add comments and vote for new features on Trello.

Localized tags can be downloaded from

If you have translated something, please share it with me 🙂