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Here is another update with mostly smaller additions and fixes.
No new paradigm functions introduced 🙂

Please use the built in bug report system to send me log files
(they are included automatically). It is optional, but an email
address where I can reply with further questions can be set in the
profile tab under tools->Preferences. I hope you like this update 🙂

* Added search function to catalog
* Added warning icon on mods in non TF format.
* Added more error handling
* Added Maintenance and value for each % level in vehicle manager.
* Added a bug report form.
* Added a new Exception dialog.
* Added mod documents to the mod context menu
* Added registered mods are selected after registration.
* Added send bug report from TFGM (Help menu or through preferences).
* Added the choice to send a bug report on exceptions.
* Added a sender email address to the user profile page.
* Added the “Open Vehicle Window On Purchase” to TF settings dialog.
* Added a better Lua error message showing the faulty Lua code, function name, script file and mod name.
* Added the option to include TF output into the TFGM log file.
* Added new standard tags: Cargo, Game play, Icon, Particle, Smoke and Shader.

* Fix. Registering more than one mod through the file browser only registered the first one.
* Fix. A potentially division by 0 in the vehicle manager.
* Fix. TFGM crash when “delete preferences on exit” was checked at program exit.
* Fix. Mod installation not completely aborted on registration errors.
* Fix. TFGM got confused when tfgm.lua and tfmm.ini was available in the same mod.
* Fix. Debug window not catching TF output
* Fix. Mod description not cleared on unselected mod.
* Fix. Mod info not cleared when multiple mods are selected.
* Fix. Preferences crash dump path not initialized correctly
* Fix. TF output not included in log file
* Fix. Vehicle search failed to recognize file names.
* Fix. Better mod ID error handling
* Fix. All four Steam ID formats are accepted in mod’s steamProfile:
– Vanity Gwinda
– Steam2 ID STEAM_0:1:xxxxxxxx
– Steam3 ID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
– AccountID [U:1:xxxxxxxx]

Please add comments and vote for new features on Trello.

Localized tags can be downloaded from

If you have translated something, please share it with me 🙂