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Release – 1464

* Downloaded archives that failed to register are moved to the “Unknown” download folder
* When autodetecting settings, mod language is set to Train Fever’s language.
* Change. Download queue disabled ( request)
* Information sent to the TFGM server (to check for updates) is now encrypted.
* Added RAR version to splash screen.
* Added Error message for unsupported archive formats.
* Added more error messages and handling.
* Fix. Crash when archive didn’t exists in some cases.
* Fix. Password dialog abort button didn’t work.
* Fix. Crash when unregistering some mods.
* Fix. Some mod formats didn’t install correctly.
* Fix. Some Lua error messages didn’t fit in window.
* Fix. Not all messages was converted to UTF8 in the Log window.
* Fix. Lua Engine not reset properly in some cases.

NOTE! wants me to disable the download button in the catalog. I’m trying to have a discussion with Stepke to see if we can solve this in another way. I’m not 100% sure what his reasons are but as a result, you can no longer queue downloads. They can only be downloaded manually one-by-one until we figure out a solution we both feel works.

Please add comments and vote for new features on Trello.

Localized tags can be downloaded from

If you have translated something, please share it with me 🙂