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” Part of the issue here is that trucks use bus lanes, and nothing can over-take so it seems.
Because of this I tend to keep my trucks out of congested areas by routing accordingly and avoiding bus routes. “

A very sensible thing to do. I wonder why i didn’t think of that… It works, thanks !  🙂

” I don’t use city > city bus / tram lines either, regardless of them sometimes being more profitable.”

So do your city > city passenger train lines accumulate a bit of profit ? I’m trying again, 3 cities connected via bus and 3 other cities connected via rail ( city D>E>F and vice versa ). Only one train with 5 carriages, 85 pax total. Quite good in the beginning, 1920’s, balance in the green, but now in the1940’s usage starting to deteriorate, balance in the red. Might try adding another train but like it has always been, it’s the beginning of the end…  Hate having to sell trains and delete lines because they cost millions. This never happens with bus lines….