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The travel needs of each citizen are simulated

I think that’s the main problem here. The game is called Train Fever and does not live up to it’s name. It depends more on the peoples needs than the towns need. Most of the towns I checked only need like 50 units of goods and that is fill rather quickly. And I just found out that good won’t deliver to the town on a train. I just setup both, trucks and a train to pretty damn close to the same spot and the goods WILL NOT go to the train but will go via trucks. So how in the world is this a train game. It’s looking less and less.

Also, if I am using my trains wrong, where is a manual telling me how to use them? The user made guide only say how to run track and make routes, mainly. There’s not much info on how the game works. Like what is the difference between the difficulty settings, easy, medium or hard? I played an easy game first, now I’m trying a hard one but have no idea what is harder about it.